Be Creative Everyday

Be Creative Everyday

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love is in the Air

My only quandry is that I have been married for almost 27 years, so I feel certain that these pages fall into the genre of "Heritage".  It is for this very reason that I feel very strongly about using neutrals when Scrapbooking your Wedding Album so that the layouts remain timeless in appeal.  
So this is for all those die-hard Romantics, may you find your soulmate and love him more and more each and every year.

                   If Kisses were Water,                    
   I'd give you the Ocean,   
  If Hugs were Leaves, 
           I'd give you a Forest,           
                 If Love were Space,               
              I'd give you a Galaxy,            
                 If Friendship were Life,                
     I'd give You mine for Free.      


  1. These are beautiful....thanks for sharing....:)

  2. Such a privilege to be able to share!...Don't you just love the internet!!!!!!!

  3. Hey girl,
    I have recently been given the Liebster Blog Award and have chosen you as one of my 5 to pass the award onto...and I wanted to let you know....if you are interested the info is on my blog....I hope you are doing well...