Be Creative Everyday

Be Creative Everyday

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cardmaking with Pebbles Inc - NEW ADDITION RANGE

With the high levels of testosterone prevalent in our home (a husband, 2 sons and a male dog!) and the associated paraphernalia (constant barrage of news and sports channels playing on the television as if it were a radio, socks so smelly that you cannot believe they were only worn once, soccer balls strewn all over the garden, dishes, mugs and empty energy drink bottles in every conceivable place in the house and the list goes on) I sometimes feel the need to retreat into a girly world of swirls, flowers, bows, hearts and pretty pink dots and THANKS TO PEBBLES Inc and their NEW ADDITION range I was inspired to do so with this range of handmade "Scrapbooking Style" Greeting Cards.

The slider card below is shown in 3 parts

PART 1 - the front

PART 2 - the front slid up

PART 3 - the card opened up

The flip tag below is shown in 2 parts
(Just a touch of Blue to remind me of the 4 Men in my Life)

PART 1 - the front

PART 2 - the front slid open

1 comment:

  1. These are pretty and I can figure out most of what you have done...but how did you do the inside of the slider it a slit punch or what...very cool and I want to make some....:)