Be Creative Everyday

Be Creative Everyday

Friday, May 15, 2015

WaDDa FriDay!

Well it has been a while! To say the least!

I have unfortunately been struggling with my health but have finally turned the corner and so YAY I am back to stay and you will be hearing a lot more from me.

It's Friday today in an overcast Cape Town, South Africa but my mood is sunny as along with Friday comes shared moments, laughter and conversation with friends and of course the excitement of sneaking in a bit more time to CREATE!

My eldest son is now 24 years old and working long hours as a Structural Engineer and (as Scrapbookers enjoy to do) I can't help reminiscing about those teenage years when Friday nights meant dropping your Teen(who had the answers to life) off at a club, worrying about their safety all night (there was no "Friend Finder" app back then), trying to stay awake until 2am to fetch them and then drive for kilometers to drop off all their friends.............and so this layout of life as a teen brings joy of moments passed and relief that if I go to bed at 2am, it's only because I was doing what I love.......... Scrapbooking in my Studio.

In this Quick and Easy Scrapbooking Share, I have used my Cuttlebug to cut the long swirls at the top of the page and then in turn, used the bit left behind at the bottom of the page. This creates movement and interest on the pages in a very simple, but effective way.

Happy CREATING xoxo

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